You, the black one behind my smile

Honestly I’m happy seeing you in the first time, after few years never met. We can talk each other, about life, college, music, gossip, and else. Things get better after i meet you. Everyday it seems to be happy day, of course with your greetings, your text, your smile. Even if the college life is kicking out my time,  bored with deadlines, you always cheer up my life. Like the simple one, sometimes bad mood comes up, then you just accompany me for having out a while, walking around then buy my favorite drink (ronde). You bring much of happiness in me, as beautiful as the flower you give me before. We already talk each other, from heart to heart, how’s our feeling, and we promise will let everything of us like nowadays. We afraid if going far with feeling will only hurt each other, as we promised being best friend, so we realize and keep in our heart.

Everything wont be changed, as we promise then. But, day by day things go wrong, little.
Time goes fast, as we grow up like now. You are busy with your own life, your passionate dream, and so do i. You never greet me like usual, you never chat me just to know how’s me now. I dont know.

I text you, but you answered in short way.
You care about me, you cheer me up, but not in the same way.
Did i made wrong to you? Or maybe you just wanna focus with your future, carreer, or else.
I’m starting to not think it anymore. I dont know what things could be
All that i know is, i miss you. But it is hard to just stay with no clearness. I have no right for hoping things that uneasy to be done, right?
Its hard, but finally I give up on you

But nowadays,
You always appear in my dream, say hello, and sing in front of me
You always appear in my dream, hold my hand, give your shoulder
How can i not love you?

go for someone who is not only proud and glad to have you
but, will also take every risk and effort just to be with you.
how about you?